By default, a Genea access control system will automatically keep all of the doors and gates on your property locked and secure. But what if you need certain doors at your property to remain unlocked, such as during regular business hours or for recurring special events? If you need certain doors on your property to remain unlocked at certain times, you can do so by adding an automatic door unlock schedule to your system. 

To apply an automatic door unlock schedule to a door, you will first need to create the door unlock schedule. To learn how to create the schedule, click here.

Once you have created your door unlock schedule, follow the steps below to apply the schedule to the necessary doors and gates on your property.

1) Click on the 'Hardware' tab in your Genea admin dashboard. Find the door to which you would like to implement an automatic unlock schedule and click on the door's name.

2) Navigate to the 'Door Unlock Schedule' section and click 'Edit.'

3) Click the button next to 'Assign Door Unlock Schedule.' A drop-down menu will appear with all of your Genea system's schedules. Select the one that you would like to apply to the door, then click 'Save' to save the configuration. Once saved, the door will remain unlocked during the schedule you applied to the door.

For added security and to ensure that your property doors don't unlock if no one is on site, such as during an emergency, you can implement the First-Person-In rule. Learn more about this feature here.

IMPORTANT: If you want multiple doors or gates on your property to remain unlocked at certain times, you will need to assign the door unlock schedule to each door or gate individually.

If you have any questions or concerns about door unlock schedules, you can contact the Genea Support Team at any time at

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