For some Genea integrations, you might need a Genea API Token. If an API Token is requested of you, follow the steps below to locate your Genea API Token.

1) Log into your Genea admin dashboard and navigate to your 'My Profile' section.

2) Under your profile information you will find your Genea Access Control API token. Simply copy your Genea Access Control API token and apply it where needed during integration set-up.

If need be, you can regenerate, copy, delete, or hide your Genea Access Control API token. To perform these functions, click the 'Show' button located underneath the Genea Access Control API Token box.

IMPORTANT: You may occasionally need to regenerate and re-apply your API token if you make heavy changes to your integration settings.

If you need more information about Genea Access Control API Tokens, please submit questions to Genea Support at

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