You are able to edit an invite until it is in "Invited" state.

Once the visitor completes the check-in process and visit status changes to "Checked-in", you are not allowed to edit that invite. If required, you can cancel that invite.

  • Admins and Security roles can edit invites of every host in the location.
  • Front Desk can edit invites of any host, but cannot change the "HOST" for the invites.
  • Usermanager and Users can only edit their own invites from Genea Mobile App.

Editing an invite from Genea web app:

1) To edit an invite from Genea web app, navigate to "Visitor Management > Visitors".

2) Locate the invite you wish to edit in Upcoming Invites list and click on "Edit" from the dropdown under "Actions".

3) Make the required changes in the invite form and either "Save" the changes or "Save and resend an invite" to the visitor.

Save and resend an invite: If the changes are relevant to visitor such as, changing the hostname or date of the invite, then you need to "Save and resend an invite", so that visitors receives an updated email about their visit.

Save the invite: On the other hand for example, you are editing the notes for the front desk, which are not related to the visitor, then you can just click on "Save". In this case, it will not send any email to the visitor.

Editing an invite from Genea mobile app:

You can also edit an invite from your Genea Mobile App:

1) Open the Genea mobile application:

2) Locate the invite for editing under invitations in "Visitors" tab.

3) The invite form will open, make required changes and either:

Save the invite: As explained above in the section of editing invite from Genea web app, use this option if you do not want to send an updated copy of the email to your visitor. Or,

Save and resend an invite: If the changes made while editing are relevant to visitors, then you can use this option to save the changes and resend an updated invite copy to visitors to their registered email address.

When you resend an invite, please note, only the latest invite received by the visitor for their visit will be active to take on with pre-registration process. All other invites will expire.

If you have any questions about this feature or have any other requests, please reach out to

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