Step 1: Log In

Open your Genea App and enter your username and password to enter the app. If you have trouble logging in or have forgotten your username and/or password, feel free to contact Genea support at or (866) 935-1557.

Step 2: You Are Now Ready to Start Reading

Once you have logged in, you should see a light blue button in middle on the bottom section of the app that says “Due for Reading” with a number displaying how many meters that are ready to be read. Tap on that button to see the list of meters available to be read.

Step 3: Select Meter

Now that you can see the list of available and ready meters, select the meter from the list that corresponds with the meter you are about to read. A list of details about that meter should appear, so make sure to double check it matches with the physical meter in front of you. Once you have confirmed it is the correct meter, you are ready to scan it.

Step 4: Scan Meter

In the bottom right corner, there is a blue circular button that says “Scan”. Tap this button to have the app open your phones camera and then ensure that the entire QR code and asset tag are visible inside the screen.


The app will automatically start to scan the tag, so make sure to just hold the phones camera in place while it continues to scan.

Step 5: Review Scanned Tag

Once the tag has finished scanning, a photo of the meter and tag will appear. Make sure to confirm that the Genea Tag, Meter Read and Meter Info are all visible in the picture. If not, tap the “Retake” button at the bottom of the screen and rescan the meter. If everything looks good, click “OK”.

Step 6: Enter Meter Reading Value

Next, a grey box will appear that says “Enter Meter Reading Value”. Tap that button and use your phones keypad to enter the meter read stated on your submeters screen and then tap the white space below. If the reading follows historical trends and appears accurate, it will state “Reading is within expected range”. We all make mistakes, which is why Genea’s software is here to help. If the reading seems like it could be incorrect, a message will appear letting the meter reader know that the read is not within the expected range and to double check the value they entered before moving forward.

Step 7: Save

Once it has been confirmed that the read is accurate, a green button will appear prompting you to “Save” the read and tapping that will store the read in the system. Go ahead and repeat steps 2-6 for each meter you need to read before moving on.

Step 8: Upload Collection

After scanning and saving the meter reads for all your building’s meters, proceed to tap the three dots in the top right side of your Genea app. This button will give you the option to “Upload Collection”. Tap this button to have all your meter reads uploaded to Genea’s system and sent to our team for accurate billing. If your meters are in a place that doesn’t receive cell service, the scanned reads will stay stored in the app and you can proceed to upload once you have an internet connection.

Step 9: Reading Complete

Once you have uploaded all your scanned meters, your read is complete! Double check that all the tiles on the bottom (“Ready to Commission”, “Due for Reading”, and “Ready for Upload”) have a “0” underneath them and then you are finished…at least until next month.

If you have any questions or need help along the way, don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team at or (866) 935-1557.

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