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Genea Access Control System Integration with Rhombus Video Management System
Genea Access Control System Integration with Rhombus Video Management System

Learn how to integrate your Genea Access Control System with Rhombus System

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Genea access control integration with Rhombus's video management system merges access control and video surveillance. By combining Rhombus security cameras with Genea’s technology, organizations can improve their access control experience, eliminate abuse from outside parties, and verify who is entering their space at a given time. Features as part of these integrations include:

  • Allow mapping cameras to the doors - This provides instant access to right video feed at the right time.

  • Ability to monitor access logs with Rhombus cameras - Administrators can correlate their video feed with events and activities from our access control systems without the hassle of manually rewinding or fast forwarding through the footage.

  • Show event markers on video player for quick review - The video player shows additional markers for events like human movement, unidentified face etc for quick review

  • Facial recognition - The system automatically learns people’s faces based on their badge and verifies that the correct person is entering your building

This camera video player is best viewed on Chrome and Firefox browser.

Setting Up Your Genea ACS + Rhombus VMS Integration

1) Login into your Rhombus System account and navigate to settings using the clog button on the right hand corner

2) Click on API Management. It will open a new page.

3) Click Add API key and it will open a new popup

4) In the add key popup, fill the required information and click submit. Select Auth Type as API key and Role as Super Admin group.

5) You will now see a new API key added. Click on the show button and copy the API key.

6) Login into the Genea portal with Global admin rights. Navigate to the 'Integrations' tab in the location view .

7) Go to 'Video Management Systems' integrations, and click 'Install' under the Rhombus integration

8) Paste the API token generated from your Rhombus API Management (from step 5) now here and click Install

Genea is now connected with Rhombus systems successfully.

4) Map your cameras to your doors. In order to get instant access to the right video feed at the right time, the application needs to know which cameras are monitoring which doors.

To map your cameras to your doors, click the '+ New' button.

5) Select which camera to be mapped to which door from the dropdowns. Once the camera is mapped to the corresponding door, save the mapping.

You can now see the saved entry in the door-camera mapped list.

Now that your system is linked, you’ll have the ability to view any access event or notification. In your application activity log, you’ll see a new column titled 'Cameras'. Click on the hyperlink in the camera column to review the camera footage.

If the column does not appear automatically, click on the column selector and select video clip.

You can also create the setup similar integration on Rhombus side. Follow the instructions here.


This setting enables you to customize the offset time for the camera link in order to sync the access event and camera times.

The internal clock of cameras may drift from the true time and vary from room to room. And access events being critical, it is necessary that we display the exact video clips against a particular access event in the activity log. To ensure the correct video clips are displayed along with access events, this setting can be used.

You may set your system to capture video of an event up to 10 seconds before, or up to 10 seconds after the camera time stamp. To set, move the slider next to the 'Camera Link Offset (seconds)' to the desired number of seconds.

If you have any questions about this integration or have any feature requests, please reach out to

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