Arrival report on Building Access log
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With Genea, you can generate arrival report on Building access logs for a tenant. This report will allow tenant to export an arrival report of his employees having data of when they have accessed the building. It is very similar to that of a basic arrival report that we have. To export your report, follow the steps below:

1) Navigate to the 'Activity' page in your Genea admin dashboard.

2) In the activity page go to 'Access Logs' tab

3) On this tab you can find the button of 'Arrival Report'

4) On click of Arrival report button a modal will open where you can enter the following details:

  • Start and End date

  • Select Building access group (multi-select option)

  • If you want the "Exit Time" in the report you can switch on the Exit toggle option.

  • If you want "Absent users" in the report you can switch on the Absent user toggle option.

5) There is a button of Cancel on click of which the modal closes and you go back to the Access log page.

6) Once all the data is entered you can click on the Export button and the Muster report will be generated.

If you have any questions regarding arrival reports on building access logs, reach out to Genea Support at any time at

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