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Add Apple Wallet - Genea Mobile Access
Add Apple Wallet - Genea Mobile Access

Add access pass to apple wallet for NFC enabled access to doors

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Apple Wallet lets you manage and use rewards cards, boarding passes, tickets, gift cards, and more in one place. Apple Wallet integration with Genea Mobile App allows you to add access cards to the wallet.

How to assign an Apple Wallet access?

1. Navigate to the user profile, whom you want to assign the Apple Wallet pass to.

2. Select Preferences

3. Toggle the Apple Wallet Access option to enable the pass for the user.


Add Genea Access Card to Apple Wallet.

  • Download and install the Genea Mobile Access App from the app store

  • Click open to load the application, you will see the login screen, click on "Login in"

  • Login with Genea's credentials

  • After login, you might see the message for Permission to use the location, Bluetooth etc. Just Click "Allow" and you should see the below screen, click on Continue to move to the home screen

  • On the home screen, you will see the option to "Add to wallet" the pass, Click on "Add to wallet".

  • It will take a few seconds for Add Pass to the wallet to appear. Click on "Add" and follow the process

  • The final approval screen will appear, click on "Done" to finish the add-to wallet flow and go back to Genea mobile app.

  • Finally, to verify that card is in the wallet, go back out of the app and open the wallet, you should see the Genea Mobile Access Card, congratulations you have the card!

  • Pass will be added to your Apple watch if your watch is paired and connected. The pass can always be removed from the watch. You can find more information about the deletion process in the FAQ.

  • If your watch is paired and is not nearby, the application will show an Add to Wallet button and you can add the pass to the watch by clicking on it. Refer to the below screen.


Which devices are supported?

  • iPhone 6s, or later running the latest version of iOS

  • Apple Watch Series 4 or later running the latest version of watchOS

What are user requirements?

  • Apple ID signed into iCloud

  • Apple wallet setup

  • Passcode enabled on the device

  • Genea Mobile App

I do not see the "Add to wallet" button on my home screen.

Contact the Genea support Office at (866) 935-1557 or email

I am getting an error “Syncing to iCloud Failed” and "Add to Apple Wallet" is not working, what should I do?

In most cases, this error occurs when your iPhone fails to sync your iCloud account. You'll need to log into your iCloud account again, sync it, and then launch the application again to fix the problem.

I am getting an error “Device passcode not set” and "Add to Apple Wallet" is not working, what should I do?

It is essential that your device is passcode protected in order to add the pass to the wallet. Please set the passcode of your device, and then relaunch the application to fix the problem.

My "Add to wallet" is stuck at the "Adding pass to wallet" screen, what should I do?

"Add to wallet" takes a while, so you have to wait a couple of seconds and if that doesn't move forward, then check the settings on your phone to see if you need to re-login to iCloud. After re-logging in, try again and it should work. Alternatively, you can contact Genea's support team

What should I do if I have already added the pass to my wallet, but the "Add to wallet" button still appears?

The app detected the Apple watch paired to the phone and shows the button to add the pass to the watch. The app should have added the pass on the first attempt if your watch was nearby and connected to your phone.

I have an existing Bluetooth key, and if I do "Add to Apple wallet", will my existing Bluetooth key gets deactivated?

No, it will not deactivate any existing keys. You can still use the existing Genea keys, but the Apple wallet takes priority for tapping action when you are near a reader and have Genea pass in the Apple wallet. Your existing Bluetooth key will also work if you open the app and use the in-app unlock button or Twist & Go.

How can I provision multiple passes to Apple Wallet if I belong to different customer sites that provide me with office and/or gym access, as well as tenant access?


This pre-requisite is important before you can provision any passes to your Apple Wallet. Ensure that you have the necessary feature enabled by your Admin before attempting to provision any passes.

To provision multiple passes from different customer locations into your Apple Wallet, first log into the Genea iOS application. Then, go to the "More" option and select the customer location for which you want to provision the pass from the top left corner. This will take you to the home screen, where you will see the "Add to Wallet" option for the selected location's Apple Wallet pass. Simply click on "Add to Wallet" to provision the pass into your Apple Wallet. Repeat these steps for each location you want to add a pass from.

Genea iOS App More Option

Do I need to register for Safe Workplace daily to keep my apple wallet passes active?

As long as the building administrator mandates it, you must register for the safe workplace to keep your passes active.

How do I delete my Genea access card?

You can go to the apple wallet app on your phone and watch and "Remove the access badge" from the settings. See Apple help:

I just got a new Apple Watch, how can I add a pass to the new watch?

Currently, the only way to add a pass to a new Apple Watch (i.e. one that was not connected to the iPhone when the initial pass was added) is to click on the "Add to wallet" button in the application. It will remove the pass from the old watch and add the new pass to the active watch.

How many devices can I use to add the pass to the wallet?

You can use up to two devices (one iPhone and one Apple Watch) that are signed into iCloud with the same Apple ID.

What happens if I lose my iPhone or Apple Watch? If I find it afterwards?

You should use Find My iPhone to suspend or deactivate your Genea Mobile Access Pass in Apple Wallet. Instructions for Lost/Found Apple devices and Find My iPhone are located at

What happens if I get a new iPhone or Apple Watch?

You should first remove your pass from your old device in the Apple Wallet app

Once your old pass is removed, you can add your pass to the new device by using the same process that is detailed in this document.

If I have a passcode on my phone, will I have to enter it every time?

If you are using Express Mode, you do not have to do anything. If you are not using Express Mode, you must authenticate each time you access your phone. This is a user security preference.

Note: Express Mode is turned on by default.

What if I have a question that isn’t here in the FAQs?

Contact the Genea support Office at (866) 935-1557 or email

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