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Our LP 1502 controller connection went offline. How do I fix this?
Our LP 1502 controller connection went offline. How do I fix this?

Our LP 1502 controller connection went offline. How do I fix this?

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Our LP 1502 controller connection went offline. How do I fix this?

While offline, your Genea system will still operate as configured, though some features will not be available for use.

Your Genea system’s LP 1502 controller can occasionally go offline for a variety of reasons. A controller may go offline due to:

  • A temporary dip in network strength.

  • Changes made to network settings or firewalls.

  • An extended power outage.

  • A faulty network router.

  • A faulty ethernet cord.

  • A faulty system controller.

Most of the time network strength is to blame for a controller's offline status.

When a controller goes offline, you will see a blinking red dot next to the ‘Hardware’ tab in your Genea admin dashboard. If you’ve enabled Genea email, Slack or Microsoft Teams notifications, you might also receive a notification regarding the offline controller status. Enabling some sort of notification for controller connectivity is highly recommended as extended controller downtime can lead to user access issues.

During controller downtime, your Genea system will still operate as configured, and your existing users should not experience any problems accessing your property. When a controller is offline, it simply means that your system controller is no longer connected to the internet, and is therefore unable to communicate with your admin dashboard via the cloud. When a controller goes offline, the following factors will be affected:

  • Changes made during downtime to your system configurations, such as access groups, schedules, or reader settings, etc., will not go into effect until connectivity is restored.

  • Keys issued or edited during downtime will not work until connectivity is restored.

  • The ability to remotely lock, unlock or perform quick grants upon your doors will be unavailable.

  • Your system activity log will not update in real time.

Once connection is restored, your ability to perform remote unlocks will resume, and your activity log will update.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If massive changes are made to system configurations or keys were issued and/or edited in bulk, please reach out to Genea Support at to request a controller re-sync. During a re-sync, Genea will re-save all configuration files to your system controller to ensure all changes go into effect.

Sometimes a controller can only go offline for a short burst of time and connection will restore on its own without any intervention. If the outage lasts for an extended period of time, you may want to manually reset your controller.


To manually reset your controller, you will need a pen, tiny screwdriver or your index finger. In the center of the controller is a tiny, in-set button that says ‘Reset.’ Using your tool or index finger, press the button once. You should feel it give just a little when pressed. So long as there is not another underlying issue causing the connection outage, your controller should come back online within 10 minutes.

IMPORTANT NOTE: When resetting your system controller, it is important to only reset the correct hardware interface. Please avoid resetting incorrect hardware interfaces. such as any MR52's.

Once you reset your controller, check to see if connection has been restored within your Genea admin dashboard. Once restored, the blinking red dot next to the 'Hardware' tab in your admin dashboard will disappear.

If your hardware does not come online after following the steps provided in this article, it may be that you are experiencing hardware relate issues. For hardware related issues, please contact a local integrator to schedule a service visit and open a service ticket for you. If you do not know of a local integrator in your area, you can contact Genea Support at and we will connect you with a member of our team to further assist you.

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