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My Genea mobile key disappeared.
My Genea mobile key disappeared.

If your Genea key has vanished from your app's keychain, the following factors may explain why.

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Did you recently get a new phone, re-set your phone, or delete the Genea app off your phone? These are the most common explanations for a missing Genea mobile key.

For increased security, Genea mobile keys are currently not transferable between phones and they are automatically deactivated if the app is deleted. If this is why your mobile key is no longer in your app, you will need a new key. Per Genea policy, Genea employees are not able to issue mobile keys without written permission from an office or community administrator. Therefore you will need to contact your office or community administrator directly to request they issue you a new key. 

If you have not recently gotten a new phone, re-set your phone, or deleted your Genea app and your mobile key has still mysteriously disappeared, contact Genea Customer Support at for assistance.

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