Re-authenticate your Azure integration

Some scenarios might require you to re-authenticate your Azure AD integration with Genea. For example:

  • If you have made permission changes to the Sequr app within Azure.

When Sequr app is installed, it requests permissions to access the group information from your Azure AD to Genea application, which we use while matching the integration rules and provisioning the users from Azure to Genea. When the permissions are granted and integration setup is done, these reflect under "User consent" permissions under Sequr app within Azure AD. If by any chance, these permissions are altered from their initial states, then provisioning will stop and you will require to re-authenticate the integration.

To verify the permissions, navigate to Sequr app from your Azure admin portal. Locate Permissions > User consent. Sequr app requires the below permissions for integration to work properly.

  • Sequr app is deleted from your Azure Enterprise applications.

Mistakenly, if the Sequr app gets deleted from your enterprise application list, then your integration with Genea will stop and you will need to re-authenticate Genea integration with Azure.

  • If the token of integration is corrupted by anyway.

A simple way to check if the token of integration holds valid within Genea, is to go to Integrations > Windows Azure > Manage > Integration rules. You can try creating a new rule and add a condition to match groups. If you have groups created in your Azure AD, but they do not populate in the drop-down, that means that the added token is unable to access the group information from your Azure AD. To fix this issue, you will need to re-authenticate your integration with Genea,

How to re-authenticate your integration?

To re-authenticate the integration between your Genea app and Azure, proceed a follow:

1. Navigate to Integrations > Windows Azure > Manage, from your Genea admin dashboard.

2. Click on "Re-authentication".

3. Re-authentication will ask for your consent on the permissions required by the app. Click on "Accept" to grant consent and your Genea app integration with Azure will be re-authenticated. After re-authenticating, you will not require you to update your SCIM app token User provisioning and de-provisioning will work expectedly.

If you need assistance performing the above steps, or if you'd like to share feedback, you can always reach the Genea Support Team via live chat in your Genea web app. You can also contact us via email at

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