The First-Person-In rule is very a useful security feature used in conjunction with automatic door unlock schedules. 

With the First-Person-In rule, you can schedule any door at your office to automatically unlock at a given time each day, but only once a certain person or people have arrived.

These rules come in handy during situations where people may not be able to make it to the office, such as on a snow day or during an emergency situation. If no one is at your office, you likely do not want your office doors to unlock automatically, possibly allowing unauthorized people to access your space. With the First-Person-In rule, you can prevent this from occurring.

Once you've set up your First-Person-In rule, your door will only unlock once someone from a designated access group has first successfully scanned their key at the door. 

Follow the steps below to configure First-Person-In door rule.

1) Click on the 'Hardware' tab in your Genea admin dashboard. Find the door to which you would like to implement a First-Person-In rule and click on the door's name.

 2) Navigate to the 'Door Unlock Schedule' section and click 'Edit.'

3) If you have not already applied a Door Unlock Schedule to the door, click on the 'Assign Door Unlock Schedule' button and select the appropriate schedule from the drop-down menu. Next, click the 'First Person In' button to enable this feature. 

4) From the First Person In drop-down menu, select the appropriate access group. The access group you select is important as anyone within the chosen access group must arrive at the office in order for your automatic door unlock schedule to turn on. If someone from the chosen access group does not arrive at your office on a given day, your door will remain locked and the automatic door unlock schedule will not turn on.

5) Press 'Save' to save this change to your system. Once saved, your automatic door unlock schedule will only kick on after at least one successful card read from a user within the chosen access group at the door. 

If you have any questions or concerns about automatic door unlock schedules, you can contact the Genea Support Team at any time at

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