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How does check-in flow work with building sync?
How does check-in flow work with building sync?

Genea’s Touchless Visitor Management Is Engineered For Building Teams And Designed For The Convenience Of Tenants.

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If you are a building admin and you want a centralized visitor management software that gives you information about who all your tenants are inviting, when the visitors are visiting your property, when they leave, you want all arriving visitors to sign your property's legal documents, etc. then Genea Visitor Management is your choice. Genea's VM efficiently acts as a bridge between your tenant's visitor management system and your building visitor management system.

For a building-sync enabled Genea system, building admins can define their own check-in flow and tenants can define their own.

  • When visitors are invited by the tenant, then they are required to answer all unique questions defined by the building, plus the tenant while registering.

  • When visitors are invited by the building, then the visitors will go through the check-in flow defined by the building only.


Check-in fields:

Building portal: Building admins can define and manage their own set of questions in check-in fields under check-in flow from the building admin portal.

For more information on the check-in flow, see About the check-in flow.

Tenant Portal: Addition to being able to define and manage their own set of questions in check-in fields under check-in flow in the tenant admin portal, the tenant admins can also view building check-in field questions.

Admins from tenants can view the questions defined by building admins on their portal, which will help them to avoid defining the same questions in the flow.

Visitor email address, full name, and hostname are the default fields and will appear only once, in the registration process.

Advanced Questions:

Similar to check-in fields, separate advanced questions can be defined by the building and tenants on their own portals. Questions from both the building portal and tenant portal will come on screen in the registration process for tenant visitors.


Building and tenants can either enable or disable the visitor photo option by toggling "Capture visitor photos during check-in for easy recognition and increased security" under Visitor Management > Check-in flow > Photo, from the admin portals. If either building or tenant or both has kept the visitor photo ON, then visitors will be required to upload their photo while registering.


Buildings and tenants can save their own document templates under the check-in flow to require the visitors to sign while registering. Visitors will require to sign different documents defined by the building and tenants separately.

If you have any questions about this feature or have any other requests, please reach out to

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