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Building Sync - Building Administrator's Guide
Building Sync - Building Administrator's Guide

Learn how to easily keep your building's access control system in sync with your tenant's access control systems.

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What is Building Sync?

With Building Sync, building administrators can keep their Genea access control system in sync with their tenant's access control systems. This eliminates the huge overhead for building admins to add or remove tenants' employees and access cards.

Building Setup

In order for your tenants to take advantage of Building Sync, their office suite must be enabled with a Genea access control system. If your tenants utilize Genea, during the onboarding process Genea's support engineers will enable Building Sync for the tenant. This will create a bridge between their access control system and your building access control system, which will then allow the tenants to submit and sync their users and credentials with your system with the simple click of a button.

Follow the steps below to configure your tenants' building access control permissions.

1. Verify if Building Sync is enabled for tenants.

When a tenant is in the process of installing a Genea access control system within their suite, Genea's support engineers will need to enable Building Sync for their dashboard.

Under the 'Tenants' tab in your Genea admin dashboard, you can verify which of your tenants are enabled for Building Sync. If the tenant is set up for Building Sync, their tenant profile will list Building Sync as being 'Enabled.' If the tenant does not utilize Genea, their tenant profile will list Building Sync as 'Disabled.'

If you have a tenant that needs to be enabled for Building Sync, please reach out to for assistance.

2. Approve or deny sync requests.

As a building administrator, you can monitor all incoming user and credential sync requests under the 'Tenant Requests' tab in your Genea admin dashboard. 

Every time a tenant issues a credential to one of their users, they can choose to sync the key with the Building access control system. When the sync request is sent, it will appear under your list of 'Tenant Requests.' 

You can click on each request to review its details, such as the user’s name and email, tenant information, who submitted the sync request, etc. If you have a question for the tenant regarding the sync request, you can leave them a comment under the 'Comments' section of the request. Following review, you can then either 'Approve' or 'Deny' the request. If you approve the request, the user and his or her credential will be added to the Building access control system instantly. 

Can tenants also revoke their user's access from your building? Of course! Once a user and their keys have been synced to the building system, if the tenant later removes that user or their key(s) from their suite access control system, this change will be pushed to the building system automatically, removing the user and/or his or her key(s) from the building system. This keeps the data in sync and unwanted access is immediately removed. 

3. Set your system's default user access group.

When tenant users are synced with your property system, they must be assigned to an access group. The access group will determine what doors/gates the users will have access to, and at what times of day. You will need to determine what level of access you would like to grant most of your tenant users, and create a default access group. To learn how to create access groups, click here.

Once you've created your access group, you will need to configure your Building Sync settings and set the access group as your system default. You will do this under the 'Settings' tab in your Genea admin dashboard under the 'Building Sync settings' section. Once you select your access group from the drop down menu, it will be saved to your system and all new users synced with your building will automatically be provisioned to the access group.

If a user needs a different level of access that does not align with your default access group setting, you may always revise the user's access permissions directly within their user profile. To learn how to edit a user's access group, click here.


If you would prefer to automatically approve of all tenant sync requests, you may configure your system for auto-approval. Once this feature is enabled, any sync request submitted by a tenant will automatically be approved, and the user and their credentials will be added to the building system.

If you would like to enable auto-approval, you may do this under the 'Settings' tab in your Genea admin dashboard under the 'Building Sync settings' section. Press the button next to Auto Approval in order to turn this feature on.

What if one of my tenants does not have a Genea access control system?

If one or more of your tenants does not have a Genea access control system, no worries! The tenant and their users can still be added to your building access control system. The only difference is that tenants will have to submit their users and credentials to building administrators, who will then need to add the users and keys to the system manually. To learn how to add a user to your system manually, click here

If you have any questions about building sync or need assistance of any kind, please reach out to Genea Support at

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