How to sync Mercury controllers

Need to sync your Mercury controllers from Genea dashboard? Here's how to do it.

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Genea's hardware connectivity architecture
How to sync a controller?
About sync statuses

In Genea access control, configuration or cards that are added to the application will be synchronized to all the online controllers at the moment they are added. If a new controller is connected to Genea after the configuration or cards are added, the user will have to manually synchronize the data to the controller. Before getting into the steps of syncing the controllers, let us first understand the hardware connectivity architecture in Genea.

Genea's hardware connectivity architecture:

Every Mercury controller at your location is dedicated to a logical queue from the Genea server-think of it as a bucket from which we send data and receive data between the server and the controller.

When a sync request for a specific controller is initiated from the Genea dashboard, it comes to our API server and while processing the sync data, it is sent to the dedicated queue of the controller. The data from the queue in turn is sent to the controller. Since the data queue to a controller is a dedicated one, it ensures there is zero data loss while syncing the controller. So, in any scenario, if your controller goes offline while the sync process is in progress, the configuration data will get added to the controller queue and once it comes back online, data will be pushed to the controller.


It is important to understand that the sync status that you see on the Genea dashboard depicts the status of data sync to the queue of the controller. However, the connectivity architecture ensures data added to the queue will always get pushed to the controller hardware.

How to sync a controller?

1) Navigate to the Hardware tab from your Genea admin dashboard. Go to the detail page of the controller that you would like to sync.

2) Click on the "Sync" button.

3) Next select the type of configuration to sync and click save.

Hardware Configuration: This will sync all hardware-related configurations like doors, interface panels, access groups, schedules, elevators, input and output rules, etc. to the controller.

Keys Configuration: This will sync the keycards and mobile cards of the users between the application and the controllers. This type of sync will usually take a longer time than hardware configuration depending on the number of users and keys at your location.

4) The sync button will display the progress status.

About sync statuses

Following are the different sync statuses:

1. Syncing: This means the sync has started and is currently in progress.

2. Sync process successfully completed: This status means the configuration has been successfully added to the queue of the controller which in turn is sent to the controller hardware.

3. Controller went offline while the sync is in progress: When a controller goes offline while the sync is in progress, the sync process doesn't stop. It continues and keeps adding the configuration to the controller queue and once the controller comes back online, the configuration added to a dedicated queue of controller gets synced to the hardware.

4. Sync failed: This status means the sync status has failed due to some unknown reasons or technical glitches. If you face this error message, please contact our support team.


1. Ideally, any changes made to the configuration or new keys added get synced automatically to the controllers. Even if the controller is offline when you are making the changes or adding a key, it will get synced as soon as it comes back online. Under normal functioning, manual sync is never required.

2. If you have added any new controller to the already configured portal or due to any technical requirement sync is required, then you can make use of the manual sync button from your admin portal.

3. It is recommended to sync one controller of your location at a time, let the process get completed, and then go for syncing another controller. You should never start syncing multiple controllers at a time from the portal.

4. After syncing a controller, if you still face issues in its functioning, it is recommended to reach Genea support, instead of syncing the same controller multiple times. It could be some other issues, that our support team can help resolve.

If you have any questions about this feature or have any other requests, please reach out to

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