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Genea Access Control + Slack Integration
Genea Access Control + Slack Integration
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Slack is a nifty team communication app that was designed to make your life simpler. Integrating Slack with your Genea system will be beneficial for you for several reasons. 

  • Audit Log Notifications - Genea can notify you via Slack when changes are made to your Genea access system, including when users are created or deactivated, keys are issued or revoked, or changes are made to schedules or door groups etc...

  • Access Control Notifications - Genea can notify you via Slack when important events occur on your property such as Card Access Denied, Controller Offline/Online, AC Power Failure Battery Backup Failure, Door Being Help Open, Door Forced etc..

  • Visitor Log Notifications - Genea can notify you via Slack when visitors arrive at your property.

  • Slack Commands - you can temporarily unlock doors for visitors by using simple commands in Slack.

Installation Steps 

  1. Click on the 'Integrations' tab in your Genea dashboard. Find the Slack integration and click 'Install.'

2. Authorize the integration.

Once done, Slack with be integrated with your Genea system! 

3. Select which Slack channels to which you would like your system notifications to be sent. They must be private Slack channels. We recommend creating separate private channels (i.e. #access-control, #audit-logs, #visitor-logs) for better readability and log type segregation. Since the Slack channels must be private, only private Slack channels belonging to the administrator setting up the integration will be available for selection. Which ever channels you select, these will be the channels in which you will receive your notifications.

4. Select your notification filters. When you click on a filter, a blue check mark will appear in the filter box. This means you have enabled the filter and will be notified when the given event occurs on your access control system. When a filter is selected, it is automatically saved and will go into affect immediately.

Available Slack Commands 

From any of your Genea Slack channels, you can also type commands to remotely unlock doors or gates around your office or community. To do this, you will need to know your system's Door IDs.

To find your Door IDs, in any of your Genea Slack channels type the following request:

  • /sequr-list - Use this command to obtain a list all of your system's door ID's.

Once entered, you will receive a list of your system Door IDs.

You can use your Door IDs to remote unlock or lock doors for guests. To do this, you will want to type the following request with your specific Door ID: 

  • /unlock <Door ID> - Use this command to unlock the specific door by its ID. Please use the <door_id> you get in the list command. 

For example, if your Door ID is 27, you will type: /unlock <27>

Sample Slack Notifications

Audit Log Notifications:

Access Control Notifications:

Visitor Log Notifications:

If you have any questions about this feature or have any other requests, please reach out to

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