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If your team welcomes repeat visitors, saving the visitor data can be beneficial.

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Remembering your guests' information will reduce the amount of time your hosts and visitors will have to spend on the registration process.

Once you invite a visitor, his details are saved in the Visitor Address Book.
There are benefits in saving the visitors' information and using this information for future registration processes. Creating an invite for a visitor whose information is already available in your system saves the time of the host. Also, revisiting guests' need not be required to sign your company's legal documents every time, if there is a validity period.

The Address Book

When a user pre-registers a visitor, if the guest's information is stored in the Address Book, as the host types their name, they'll be able to pull up their profile and automatically fill in saved information.

Accessing the Visitor Address Book from Genea Web App:

Saved visitors' data can be managed from the Visitor Address Book:

1) Navigate to Visitor Management > Visitors > Visitor Address Book from your admin dashboard.

2) Editing the visitor information from the visitor address book:

  • Locate and click the visitor name which you wish to edit. It will open up the visitor profile page. Click on "Edit".

  • Make the required changes and click "Save" to lock the changes.

Please note that for security reasons, the visitor photo cannot be edited from the visitor address book. This photo is rendered from the visit registration process that visitor uploads while checking-in.

3) Editing the visitor access groups:

  • By default, when you assign a QR Access Code to your visitor, it has the permission to access groups defined under Visitor Access under the "Settings" tab of Visitor management. If you wish to permit your visitor to access some areas of your property that are not included in the default access groups, then you can edit the access group of your visitor from their profile under the address book. To do so, click on the access group from within the visitor profile, make the required changes, and save the changes. The visitor will now have rights to new access groups.

Note: Only admins and sub-admins can change an access group for the visitors.

4) Deleting a visitor from the address book:

Only admins and security role personnel can delete a visitor from your property's global visitor address book from the Genea web portal. When a visitor is deleted by admin or security roles, all open invites of that particular visitor are canceled and the visitor entry gets removed from the address book of all users of your location.

  • To delete a visitor, click on the visitor from the address book. Click on "Delete". It will ask for your confirmation to delete the visitor profile from the address book and cancel out all the open invites of the particular visitor. Provide your confirmation and the visitor will be deleted from your location's visitor address book.

5) Under the visitor profile, you can also see the list of invitation, visitor logs, and access logs for the particular visitor.

Accessing the Visitor Address Book from Genea Mobile App:

You can also manage your visitor address book from your Genea mobile app.

In addition to from Genea web app, being an admin or security role personnel, you can also manage the location wide global address book from your mobile app.

Front Desk, User Manager, and Users can manage their private visitor address book from the mobile app.

1) To access the visitor address book from the mobile app, navigate to "Visitors > Address Book".

2) To edit/delete, a visitor from the visitor address book, locate the visitor in the address book, click on the three dots at the top right corner inside the visitor profile. It will open 3 options:

  • Edit: You can edit visitor name, email address, or visitor phone number and save your changes.

  • Delete from the address book: This option removes the visitor entry from your private address book.

  • Delete and cancel all open invites: This option will remove the visitor from your address book and will also cancel out all open invites of that visitor from your invite list.

3) Accessing invitations and visitor logs from the visitor profile. Under visitor profile, you can also see the list of invitation and visitor logs for the particular visitor.

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