Genea VMS can be integrated with Genea Access Control System to enable screened visitors to enter your premises with a QR code and access the door with that QR code.

More information on configuring a QScan reader can be found here.

If you wish to assign your visitors with QR codes having rights to door access, then your admins can enable QR code for the visitors from the settings tab. To do so, proceed as follow:

1) Navigate to Visitor Management > Check-in flow in your admin dashboard. Click on the name of the visitor type > Settings.

2) Under "Visitor Access", enable the option "Issue visitors with a QR-code to access your premises".

Enabling the option will issue visitors with a QR code at the end of the pre-registration check-in process through which they can access the doors when they arrive at your premises.

Access rights of the availed QR code to the visitors:

Admins can change the default access groups of their visitors by editing and saving the new access groups for their visitors.

When the QR is enabled for the visitors, by default your every visitor will be assigned with the default access groups defined in the "Visitor Access" section of Settings. You can anytime change the default access groups of a particular visitor by navigating to the visitor profile.

Automatic activation and expiration of visitor QR code:

The screened visitors are assigned with QR code at the end of the web check-in process. However, the validity of the QR will be as per the visit duration mentioned while creating an invite by the host.

QR code will remain active from the start time of the visit and will get automatically expired by the system, at the end time of the visit. Hosts/admins need not worry about canceling the active QRs after the visits are over.

With disabled QR code settings:

If your Genea Visitor Management System is not integrated with Genea Access Control System or if your admins don't want the visitors to permit any door access, then the option "Issue visitors with a QR-code to access your premises" under the Visitor Access section of settings can be disabled. Disabling the option code will not assign any QR to your visitors after the check-in process.

Visitors can pre-register themselves and get screened. At the end of the check-in process, a badge will be issued to the visitor, and on reaching the premise the host or front desk personnel will need to further direct the visitor to the meeting venue.

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