Genea VMS can be integrated with Genea Access Control System to enable screened visitors to access your premise doors with a physical keycard.

Assigning keycard to a visit
Changing the keycard validity

Reassigning keycard to the visit

Deleting the visitor keycard

Assigning keycard to a visit

You can assign a keycard to visitors after their visit is created. Keycards can be assigned at following statuses of the visit:

1. Invited

2. Accepted

3. Checked-in

4. Arrived

Learn more about different visit statuses here.

To assign a keycard to a visit, follow the below steps:

1. Navigate to Visitor Management > Visitors under your admin dashboard.

2. Click Actions > Assign Card for the visit that you wish to assign a card to.

3. Enter the Card Number, select a badge type and click Save.


  • The card will remain valid only for the visit duration.

  • Card activation and expiration settings defined in the badge type will be overruled by the visit duration.

  • VIP and deactivation settings of visitor cards will be as per badge type.

  • The card will work according to the access group assigned to the visitor type.

Learn more about the badge types here.

Changing the keycard validity

The validity of the keycard can be changed by changing the validity of the visit.

To increase or decrease the visit validity, click Actions > Change Validity for the visit.

Only the end time of the visit can be changed.
Changing the visit validity will change the validity of the card as per.

Reassigning keycard to the visit

When you reassign a card to the visit, the old card attached with the visit gets expired and the new card gets assigned. At any point in time, a visit can only have one active card attached to it.

To reassign a card, click Actions > Reassign Card for the visit.

Enter the new card number, select the badge type and click "Save".

Deleting the visitor keycard

A card assigned to a visit can get expired with the following actions:

1. When the visit time ends.

2. When a visitor checks out.

3. When a visitor gets denied.

4. When an invite is canceled.

However, for safety reasons, Genea doesn't delink the card from the visitor profile after it is expired. You can delete the card from the visitor profile, before assigning the same to another visitor.

To delete a card, navigate to Visitors > Visitor Address Book.

Click on the visitor's name.

From the keycards section, delete the expired card.

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