How to create paired reader?

If you have reader at both the side of the door then you require to pair them together

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If you would like to install reader on both entry and exit points then you would require to pair both the readers. The reader mostly on the entry side is called the primary reader and controls most of the important functions. The reader at the exit side is called secondary reader and it works with support of the primary reader. You would require to create two doors to setup a paired reader. These two will be as follows:

  1. Create a door with a primary reader

  2. Create another door with a secondary reader

Please follow the below steps to create door and pair readers :

a. To create a door, navigate to the hardware page and scroll down to the door area.

b. Click the add button to create a new door. Use a name to remind you if this is the entry side or exit side e.g Lobby - Entry or Lobby - Exit

c. You will now see the choice to attach the type of reader.

d. Select the desired option and click attach reader. It will open a popup to fill details about the reader.

For Primary reader, you will see the popup as in the below image. This is similar to single reader where you need to fill model, controller, reader port and door strike mandatory

For secondary reader, you only need to fill model, controller, primary door and reader port. All other information will be managed in the primary door page.

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