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HID VertX Integration with Mercury Master Controller
HID VertX Integration with Mercury Master Controller

Learn how to integrate your Mercury master controllers with HID VertX interface panels.

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Genea supports the Mercury LP-4502 controller to communicate downstream to HID VertX interface panels. Currently, the HID VertX V100, V200, and V300 panels are supported.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The minimum firmware version of Mercury controllers should be 1.28 to be able to work with HID VertX interface panels.

Wiring between HID VertX and Mercury controllers

The HID VertX boards can be wired to the Mercury board RS-485 port according to the following table:

VertX Board

Mercury Board







Physical Addressing

A total of 16 HID VertX interface panels can be connected to a single bus of LP-4502 controller. The physical address of each interface panel must be unique and can be configured via a dial switch on the panels. Valid values are 0 – 15.

How to configure HID VertX interface panels with Mercury master controllers?

1. Configure Mercury LP/EP series controller within your Genea dashboard.

2. Navigate to the ‘Hardware’ tab in your admin dashboard, select the Mercury LP-4502 controller to which you wish to connect the HID VertX interface panel.

3. On the controller detail page, scroll down to the Ports section. The ports of the controller will be listed. By default, the port of a Mercury controller is set to "MSP1" protocol, which means support to the Mercury interface panel.

4. To configure, the VertX interface panel, edit the port and set it to "VertX" protocol and port number to 38400. Click Save.

5. Now that the VertX protocol is set for the Mercury port, proceed to add the interface panel. To add an interface panel, click on "+Add" to the Interface panel section.

6. Enter the interface panel details. Click "Save".

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