Configuring MR62e with Genea

Learn to configure the Mercury interface panel MR62e on the Genea application

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The MR62e stands out as an IP-enabled interface module, designed for seamless connectivity with a diverse array of security devices. Its installation is user-friendly, offering the essential I/O for linking up to four card readers via OSDP protocol. Additionally, it features six general-purpose input monitor points and four control relays, extending compatibility with any Mercury series intelligent controller.

Enabling the network port for the Mercury Controller.

To enable the port for a controller, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the detailed page of the Mercury controller to which you want to link the MR62e panel.

  2. Scroll down to the port section and click on +Add Port.

  3. To connect a MR62e, click on Network Port.

Connecting an MR62e interface panel to the Mercury controller

  1. Now that you've activated the network port for the controller, let's incorporate the MR62e interface panel. To do this, click on the '+ Add' button in the interface panel section on the detailed controller page.

  2. Enter all the details as displayed in the screenshot below and then click on Save.

    Name and Description: Enter a suitable name for the interface panel along with an optional description.

    Manufacturer: Choose HID Mercury (since MR62e is from Mercury).

    Model Number: Pick MR-62E as the model number for the interface panel.

    Connected Controller: Select the controller with the enabled network port to connect the MR62e.

    Port: Choose the Network Port.

    IP Address: This is the static IP assigned to the MR62e panel. To find or set a new IP, log in to the browser interface of your MR62e panel. Under Network, select the 'Use Static IP' option to obtain the IP address of the panel.

    IMPOIRTANT NOTE : Kindly be aware that our current support is limited to the static IP mode for MR62e.

  3. Now that the interface is connected, go ahead and start attaching doors to the interface panel.

  4. Please note that, 4 OSDP Readers on a single Mercury MR62e subpanel.

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