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Genea Datadog integration using Webhook
Genea Datadog integration using Webhook

Learn how to integrate Genea to data dog using webhook

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Genea webhook will now allow integration with products like Datadog. Users can configure custom header and custom body in webhook integration. This will help customer to configure whatever custom header and custom body(payload) data they want on their actual endpoint.

How to integrate?

  1. On the Genea platform, go to Integrations under the menu item, and under integration go to Webhook.

  2. You will see a list of Endpoints, for any endpoint click on the Action and go to Edit

  3. A modal will open under which you will add the URL, which you can find from the data dog API document under send logs.



  4. You will also be able to see the newly added 'Custom header' and 'Custom body'

  5. Here you configure the Custom header and body

How to add a Custom header?

In the header section, you can see 2 fields, Keys and Value. There is a format in which we have to add this, we can find the same in the document link given above.

The key should have the above highlighted value, "DD-API-KEY", and the value for the same can the fetched from the organization settings of the data dog product. Under organization settings, you can go to API key and Generate a new key.

On click of '+New' a modal will open and you can create a new API key.

And the value of the same will appear once you click on 'Create key'

You can select the Key value from here and add it in Genea.

How to create Custom Body?

Under Custom body, you can add keys and values, and this can be found in the API document mentioned above.

This is not mandatory, but if added will help the user to filter logs based on the values added in the body.

Once you add this under the custom body the same can be tracked in the logs in Data dog.

Any changes we do in the Genea portal for a user will be logged in Data dog as well.

Under logs, when we click on a log, all the things in the Custom body can be seen, the Source, tags, etc.

We are not limiting our customers to integrate only Datadog using a custom header and custom body. We feel that our customers can experiment and integrate other products also using this feature. Looking forward to seeing some interesting and exciting integration from our customers.

If you need assistance setting up a webhook-data dog integration, or if you'd like to share feedback, you can always reach the Genea Support Team via live chat in your Genea web app. You can also contact us via email at

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