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Managing Emergencies Through Interactive Floor Plans
Managing Emergencies Through Interactive Floor Plans

Navigating Emergency Management With Interactive Floor Plans

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How Does Emergency Management Function within Interactive Floor Plans?

Emergency Management in Interactive Floor Plans is designed to facilitate swift and intuitive management of emergency plans, offering users seamless navigation and adaptable control options. With this feature, users have the capability to efficiently coordinate and respond to various emergencies by leveraging the dynamic and interactive floor plans in Genea Access Control. Our objective is to prioritize user safety and security by providing a system that is both user-friendly and comprehensive.

Exploring the Features: A Detailed Overview of Emergency Management in Interactive Floor Plans

Follow these steps to manage emergency plans within floor plans:

  • Sign in to your Genea Access Control Product and proceed to Floor Plans

  • Select the floor map you want to work with

  • Press the edit button located at the top right to access the right modal. This side panel allows users to search for specific plans quickly. It also streamlines the process of triggering an emergency plan or reverting it back to its original state.

  • Choose the emergency icon to view a list of available emergency plans.

  • To pin a plan, simply drag and drop the emergency plan to the desired location on the floor plan—pinned plans will appear blue. With the option to pin emergency plans directly to a floor plan and unpin them when not needed, the interactive floor plans offer more flexible control over their visualization.

  • Trigger the plan by clicking on the pin and choosing Trigger on the right modal. To deactivate the plan, click on the pin and select 'revert' from the same modal.

  • Once activated, the plan(s) and related doors will turn red and exhibit a pulsing effect. All activated plans can be seen in the top-right icon displaying notifications for the number of active plans.

  • All pinned and triggered emergency plans can be found in the right modal for easy navigation and action.

  • Clicking on an emergency plan will also show the invocation logs along with all details of actions taken for that plan. This log provides a comprehensive history, highlighting the specific timelines when plans were triggered and subsequently reverted.


Icon Visibility and Color Indication:

  • When no plan is pinned to the floor map, the emergency icon on the toolbar will be represented in a neutral grey colour, indicating a non-active status.

  • Once an emergency plan is pinned to the floor map, the pin will default to a blue colour. When the pinned emergency plan is triggered, the pin's colour will change to a distinctive red.

Pulsing Alerts for Increased Visibility:

In the event of an emergency plan being triggered, both the pin representing the plan and all associated doors in the plan will turn red and exhibit a pulsing effect. This ensures immediate visibility during crises.

Having the flexibility to manage emergency plans within the interactive floor plans is a step forward in our commitment to elevating user experience and safety.

If you have any questions about customizing your activity log view, you may send inquiries to

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