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This article outlines how user can send signed legal documents directly to specified email addresses upon visitor check-in.

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At Genea Visitor Management, we understand the importance of efficiently managing signed legal documents. That's why our application offers a convenient feature that allows you to effortlessly send all signed legal documents directly to specified email addresses.

Once a visitor confirms their check-in, the system seamlessly initiates the delivery of signed document to the specified email, ensuring a swift and organized process.

How to enable email signed documents?

Note: For multiple visitor types, configure these settings individually for each type. This feature enables the entry of multiple email addresses per visitor type, ensuring that the application effortlessly dispatches signed documents to all specified recipients.

For Visitor check-in process, refer to the About Checkin flow article - Go to Document Section.

Navigate to the 'Email signed documents' option and activate the feature, following the instructions in the screenshot below. Specify the recipients' email addresses, and the application will automatically commence sending signed documents the moment a visitor confirms their check-in process.

Users have the flexibility to deactivate this feature at any time if needed. When turned off, the application will collapse the input box containing stored records, discontinuing the sending of signed documents from the subsequent check-in processes.

Downloading the Signed Documents from Dashboard:

Users can conveniently download signed documents directly from the dashboard. To do so, navigate to the Visitor Management dashboard, then access the Visitor Log. Locate the desired visitor using filter options for their name and click on the Document icon. This action will download the signed document to your local device."

Downloading the signed document from email:

In accordance with the specified recipient, the application will automatically send an email containing essential guest details and the signed legal document as an attachment. For a visual reference, refer the image below.




Naming conventions for Email Subject:

Visitor Signed Document - [Visitor Name] - [Location Name]


Naming convention for attached document:

"Document"_[Visitor Name]_[Location Name]_[Document Signed Timestamp]


The signed document will be sent as an attachment to each email recipient. Each recipient will receive a separate email containing the signed document.


Email body consists of Customer Organization Logo (As configured in Settings) and basic details of Visitors and their visit details.

Note: The content and format of the email body are fixed and currently do not allow for customization.

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