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This article outlines the different parts of the visitor log and how to use them

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At a glance, you can easily access any necessary information about a visitor, including what time they checked in or out, who they were visiting, and more. It can be easily searched or exported to provide backup in the case of an emergency or compliance audit.

  • Anyone with user or user manager roles can access their own visitor data on their dashboard

  • If you’re a Genea admin or sub-admin, you can sort the dashboard to display either your own visitors or all visitors for the location

Exploring the visitor log in Genea web app:

1) To access the visitor logs, navigate to "Visitor Management > Visitors > Visitor Logs". See and sort your visitor data in real-time, including photos if enabled.

2) Customize the visitor log display:

The column selection in visitor logs lets you display the visitor information that’s most important to you. To select which visitor information appears on your dashboard, click the column selection icon at the top left corner and choose from the following:

Visitor Name

Email: Email address of the visitor

Host: Name of the host for the invite

Check-in Fields: This column displays all the responses logged by the visitor for check-in field questions defined under check-in flow.

Check-in Date: Date and time when the visitor takes the registration process.

Check-out Date: Date and time on which visitor is checked-out of the system.

Advanced Questions: This column displays all the responses logged by the visitor for advanced questions defined under check-in flow.

Documents: If any legal document has been signed by the visitor for the particular visit, then that document will be displayed as an icon in this column and can be downloaded.

Actions: It displays the enlarged view of the visitor photo and other information related to the visit such as the reason for cancellation, the recent visit status, etc..

3) Apply an advanced filter to sort the visitor data.

4) Export the visitor logs. For exporting the visitor logs, click on "Export", add the duration for which you want to export the logs.

Visitor log in Genea mobile app:

To view the visitor logs from your mobile app, navigate to "More > Logs > Visitor Logs".

In a building-sync enabled system:

In a building-sync enabled Genea system, building admins can access visitor data of their own and of their tenants.

Tenants can have an access to their own visitors.

If you have any questions about this feature or have any other requests, please reach out to

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