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How to create invites from Genea web app?
How to create invites from Genea web app?

This article outlines how to pre-register guests ahead of their visit by creating invites.

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Inviting visitors from Genea Web App:

Admins and Security roles can create and manage their own invites or on behalf of other users of the location. Front Desk can view all invites, but can only create their own invites.

To create an invite, follow the below steps:

1) Navigate to Visitor Management > Visitors under your admin dashboard. Click on "New Invite".

2) Clicking on "New Invite" opens up an invitation form. Fill in the visitor name, visitor's email address, and hostname.

3) You can add further information in the invite form by clicking on "More Info" and save the invite.

The below fields are available in the web app for invite form :

  1. Visitor Name

  2. Visitor Email: Visitors will receive all notification emails at this address.

  3. Valid From - To: Visit duration, to be defined by the host

  4. Host Name

  5. Visitor Phone number

  6. Visitor Company

  7. Notes for Visitor: Notes added here by the host are sent to visitors with notification emails.

  8. Notes for Reception: Notes added here for front desk personnel are displayed on the dashboard in the list of invitations.

4) Once the invitation is created successfully, the visitor will receive an invitation email with visit details to their registered email address.

The created invite will appear on the dashboard for the host with status as "Invited".

Learn more about different visit statuses here.

If you have any questions about this feature or have any other requests, please reach out to

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