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How to create invites from the Genea mobile app on an iPhone?
How to create invites from the Genea mobile app on an iPhone?

This article outlines how to pre-register guests ahead of their visit by creating invites.

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Inviting visitors from the Genea mobile app on an iPhone:

Users can invite visitors from the Genea mobile app if they have the privilege to do so. Typically, the roles listed above have this privilege. However, with the introduction of custom roles, Global admins can now have greater control over who has the authority to invite visitors. This customization allows for a more tailored and flexible approach to managing visitor invitations through the app.

To create an invite, follow the below steps:

  • Open your Genea mobile app.

  • Navigate to the "Visitors" tab from the bottom pane.

  • To create an invite, click the blue βž• icon on the visitor's tab as shown below.

  • Clicking on the blue βž• icon opens up an invitation form. Fill in the visitor name, the visitor's email address, the hostname, and other details.

  • You can also add additional information to the invite form by clicking " Create " to save the invite.

In the mobile app's invite form, you'll find the following fields:

  1. Visitor Name

  2. Visitor Email: This is where visitors will receive all notification emails.

  3. Valid From & Valid To: These fields define the visit duration and are to be defined by the host.

  4. Host Name

  5. Visitor Phone Number

  6. Notes For Visitor: Any notes added here by the host will be sent to visitors along with notification emails.

  7. Notes For Reception: These notes, added for front desk personnel, are displayed on the web portal dashboard in the list of invitations.

Once the invitation is successfully created, the visitor will receive an invitation email containing the visit details at their registered email address.

The created invite will appear on the dashboard for the host with the status "Invited". By clicking on it would show the visitor details as shown below.

  • The Visitor Address Book provides a convenient way to access past visitor details, allowing you to explore more information about previous visitors.

Learn more about different visit statuses here.

If you have any questions about this feature or have any other requests, please reach out to

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