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Invitation dashboard

Learn the data interpretation of list of invites on invitation dashboard.

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When a visit is created by the host, it gets listed under "Invitations" of your Genea application dashboard. From the web app or mobile app, you can check the change in the statuses of the visit depending on the actions taken on the invite.

  • Anyone with a user or user manager roles can access the list of invitations created by themselves on their dashboard.

  • If you’re a Genea admin or sub-admin, you will have access to your own visitor invitation list as well as all visitors invited from the location.

  • For a building-sync enabled Genea system, the building admins can access the list of invitations created by themselves as well as by their tenants on the dashboard. Tenant admins can have access to the list of invitations created by themselves on their dashboard.

From the time a visit invite is created until the visit is checked-out, there are different stages of the visit status. Visit status transition takes place as the below sequence:



When host creates an invite for his visitor, the invite gets listed under the 'Invitations' dashboard with Invited status. This is the first status of any invite in the invitation flow.

When host creates an invite for his visitor from Group Invite function without providing an email address, application marks those invites with 'Registered' statuses as such invites are not notified digitally through email notifications.

Before the scheduled invite time, if Host updates the visitor profile and add unique email address of visitor, then status can be transitioned to Invited considering the visitor has been notified with Invitation email.

It indicates that created visitor details (email or name or both as per the screening configuration) matches with blocklisted Visitor details.

People added to Blocklist will not receive invites or be able to walk-in unless approved by an admin and once Approved it will be transitioned to Invited.

Checked-in status indicates that the visitor has completed his registration process.

For pre-registered visitors having QR code for door access, this status is displayed when the visitor arrives at your property and gets hist first grant with the issues QR code.

For pre-registered visitors without having a QR code for door access, Arrived status is required to be marked manually by admins or sub-admins from the dashboard, when the visitor arrives.

Checked-out status marks the end of the invitation flow. When visitor leaves your property after the purpose of visit is over. the visitor is marked as checked-out on the dashboard.

Invitation dashboard in Genea Web App:

Admins and sub-admins can access the Invitations dashboard from the Genea web app. To view the dashboard:

Navigate to "Visitors" under Visitor Management from your admin dashboard. Make sure you are at the "Invitations" tab. This tab lists the invites created by hosts for their visitors.

Understanding the dashboard:




Visitor Name

Name of the visitor, the invite is created for. Clicking on the visitor name will open up the visitor profile.

Host Name

Name of the host for the invite. Clicking on the host name will open up the host profile.

Visit Date

Indicates the start date and time of visit

Multi Day Visit

The clock symbol besides the visit date indicates the invite is for multiple days.

Notes for Reception

If any note is added for reception while creating the invite, it gets displayed in this column. Hovering the mouse over the note icon will display the note for the reception.

Visit Status

Indicates the most recent status of the invite. Admins or sub-admins can manually transit the status to it's next state by using the drop-down arrow.


Indicates the actions available for the current invite status. Actions include editing the invite, cancelling the invite, resending the invite email to the visitor, etc. considering the visitor status.

Quick Filters

Quick filters to filter visits as per visit date. Quick filters are available for filtering visits of 'Today' and 'Tomorrow'.

Advanced Filters

Advanced filters to apply your preferred criteria to sort the list of visits.

New Invites

Create a new invite for your visitor.

Invitation dashboard in Genea Mobile App:

The invitation dashboard is available in Genea mobile app as well.

Navigate to "Visitors > Invitations" in the mobile app to view the list of invites.

If you have any questions about this feature or have any other requests, please reach out to

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