How to cancel an invite?

This article outlines how to cancel an invite created for your visitor.

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You are able to cancel an invite for "Invited" and "Checked-in" state. You can no more cancel an invite, once your visitor arrives at the premises.

  • Admins and sub-admins can cancel invites of every host in the location.

  • Usermanager and Users can only cancel their own invites from Genea Mobile App.

Canceling an invite from Genea web app:

1) To cancel an invite from Genea web app, navigate to "Visitor Management > Visitors".

2) Locate the invite you wish to cancel in the Upcoming Invites list and click on "Cancel" from the dropdown under "Actions".

3) You will have to add a reason for canceling the invite. Enter your reason and click on "Cancel Invite".

Once the invite gets canceled, the visitor will be notified to their registered email.

And the invite will be logged under the visitor log tab with the reason of cancel.

Canceling an invite from Genea mobile app:

You can also cancel an invite from your Genea Mobile App:

1) Open the Genea mobile application:

2) Locate the invite for canceling under invitations in "Visitors" tab.

3) The invite form will open, go to the three dots on the top right corner of the page and select "Cancel Invitation".

4) Enter your reason and click on "Cancel".

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