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How to perform bulk badge assignment from the Genea dashboard
How to perform bulk badge assignment from the Genea dashboard

Assign & print badges in batches for efficient user management

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Genea offers a bulk badge assignment and printing feature that simplifies the process of assigning physical keycards to multiple users at once and printing their cards. This functionality allows authorized users to allocate keycards to a group of users quickly and efficiently. Once the badges are assigned, Genea's printing capability enables authorized users to easily print them in batches. This streamlines the card production process and saves time and effort.


1. Kindly note that the bulk badge assignment feature in Genea has a limit of assigning keycards to a maximum of 200 users in a single process.

2. Maximum of 20 cards can be printed in a single batch

The feature is divided into three simple steps:

Step 1: Enter the card details for bulk users.

1. Navigate to Users > All Users under your location dashboard. Click on More > Assign and Print Badges.

2. Select the users you would want to assign a badge.

3. You can also use the quick filter to select the first 200 users from the table.

4. Once the users are selected, click on "Assign and Print Badges", which will open up a card modal and details can be added there.

  • Enter the range of the cards. You only need to input the first card of the range, as the last card will be automatically calculated based on the number of users selected for badge assignment. It's important to note that the card assignment will be done in sequence.

  • Enter the additional details such as the badge type, activation date, and expiration date. All badges assigned in a single process will have these fields assigned in the same manner.

  • Specify the batch size. The batch size refers to the predetermined number of cards that can be assigned and printed as a group. For example, if there are 10 users selected and the batch size is defined as 5, it means that the system will assign and print the first 5 cards. Then, the operator will verify the first batch of cards before proceeding to print the next batch, which will contain the remaining 5 cards. Implementing the batch size functionality helps minimize card wastage caused by printer issues such as jamming, ink fading, misalignment, and other potential problems.

5. Click Save and proceed to Step 2.

Step 2: Review the sample badge.

1. The initial card in the first batch serves as the sample badge.

2. The badge can be validated and subsequently assigned and printed for the first user selected in the user table.

3. With the assignment of the first card in batch one complete, you can now proceed to assign and print the remaining cards in batch one.

Step 3: Assign and print badges in bulk.

1. We have reached the final step of the process, which involves the bulk assignment and printing of the remaining cards.

2. To complete the process, simply click the "Print Badges" button.

3. Likewise, you can send all other batches to the printer for printing.

If at any point during the process, you wish to abort, simply indicate your decision, and no further cards will be assigned or printed.

If you have any questions about this feature or have any other feature requests, please reach out to

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