How do I issue credentials?

Learn how to assign credentials to users. These can be physical credentials, like keycards, or mobile keys for your smartphone.

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With Genea, issuing keys to users is a breeze! Follow the steps below to add a credential to a user's account.

1) Navigate to the user's profile. You can do this by either clicking on the 'Users' tab on the left side of your admin dashboard, or by searching for them in the general search bar at the top of your admin dashboard. Click on the user's profile.

2) Once in the user’s profile, click the ‘+ New’ button located in the ‘Cards’ section.

3) Select the type of key you would like to issue: a mobile key or a keycard. It will be set to issue a physical keycard by default. If necessary, you may select key activation and expiration dates.

PHYSICAL CREDENTIALS: If you are issuing a physical credential and your property utilizes multiple card formats, select the appropriate card format from the list on your screen. It is important that you select the correct card format associated with the card you will be adding to your system. If you select an incorrect card format, the key will not work

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you utilize Mercury hardware at your site, you will not need to select a card format when provisioning a credential.

After selecting the card format (if necessary), enter the keycard number.

If you use the badge printing suite, you can also now select a badge type that will drive the activation and expiration date as well as later allow you to print a badge for that specific user in case of only physical key.

If you don't use the badge printing suite, leave the dropdown to default badge type.

If you want to print the badge but you do not want to use the global activation and expiration setting for that badge type then you can also check the "Overwrite the badge settings" option.

Press 'Save' to assign the key to the user. It will then appear on the user's profile page under their 'Cards.'

MOBILE CREDENTIALS: If issuing a mobile credential, select mobile key under the Key Type, and simply press 'Save' to assign a key to the user. The key will then appear on the user's profile page under their 'Cards,' and the user will receive an email from with instructions on how to activate their new key.


If you have any questions about assigning keys to users, please reach out to for assistance.

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