How to create a monitor point group?

Learn how to create monitor point group so that multiple points can be operated and tested as a group.

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What is a monitor point group?

A Monitor Point Group is a collection of maskable alarms, such as door held open alarms and door forced open alarms. You can add monitor points or door alarms to a group. You can operate and test these points as a group. The following point types can be added to a MPG:

# Number

Point Type

Point Address



Monitor Point

Monitor Point Name

Monitor Point No. 2


Forced Open

Access Control Reader Name

Main Door Reader


Held Open

Access Control Reader Name

Main Door Reader

How to create a monitor point group?

1) To create a monitor point group, click on the ‘Control Center’ tab in your Genea admin dashboard. Under the 'Monitor Point Group' tab, click the '+ Add' button.

2) Fill out the monitor point group details. Name the group, select the controller, add a description (optional), then click the 'Save' button to create the MPG.

3) The detailed page of MPG will open. To add monitor points to the MPG, click on "+Add" under the Monitor Points section.

4) Select the monitor points from the list and click "Save". Only those monitor points will be listed that are connected to the specific controller that you have selected while creating the MPG.

5) To add door forced open alarm or door held open alarms to the MPG, click on "+Add" under the Doors section. Select the doors against each alarm and click "Save".

How to delete a point from the monitor point group?

Click "Delete" to remove a specific point from the MPG.

What is meant by masking and unmasking a monitor point group?

Masking of MPG : The mask changes the interpretation of the status of the points in an MPG. Mask state of MPG suppresses (or masks) the generation of alarm conditions by the points added to specific MPG.

Unmasking of MPG: With the unmasked state of MPG, the opening of an MP contact or a door forced open or a door held open generate alarms.

State of MPG


Set Mask

Suppress alarm generation.

Set Unmask

Generate alarm

How to mask/unmask a monitor point group?

An MPG can be masked or unmasked via I/O rules. You can write a rule to mask/unmask an MPG when a specific trigger occurs. To learn more on I/O rules, please refer to this article.

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