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What does 'Deny Access - Card/PIN Not Found' mean?
What does 'Deny Access - Card/PIN Not Found' mean?

This event indicates that an unrecognized card has been scanned at a property reader.

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When someone swipes a credential that has not been provisioned to a user within your Genea system, the controller will deny access to the user, and a 'Deny Access - Card/PIN Not Found' event will appear within your activity log.

Users may register 'Deny Access - Card/PIN Not Found' events if:

  • They've been issued a card that was not properly provisioned to their user account. Perhaps the credential hasn't been provisioned to the user, or the card may have been uploaded with an incorrect card format.

  • They're scanning an incorrect credential at your property, such as a card for an apartment complex, gym, etc.

  • They're failing to remove their keycard from their wallet or phone case when scanning their card. If the user is carrying multiple keycards in his or her wallet (ie. one for their apartment and one for the office) the reader will read their valid key and grant access, but will also read the invalid card and log a 'Deny Access - Card/PIN Not Found' event.

If you notice a 'Deny Access - Card/PIN Not Found' event in your activity log, you can learn more about the specific card details. To do so, navigate to the 'Activity' tab in your Genea admin dashboard, and find the specific 'Deny Access' event associated with the invalid card swipe.

By clicking the event 'Actions' > 'More Info,' you can gain more insight into the specific card details.

If the card has an unrecognized card format that is not enabled for use with your system but you would still like to provision the key to a user, you may upload the key with its raw card data. Learn how to do so by clicking here

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