Adding "No Format" Keycards

Learn how to add a keycard with an unknown format card.

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When provisioning a new physical keycard to a user, the card must be uploaded with its correct card format. But what if the format is not enabled for use with your system? If you have keycards of either an unknown format, such as proprietary cards from an old access control system, or a format that differs from the ones enabled for your system, you can upload the card with its raw card format data directly from your system activity log.

Keycard Best Practices

While you can upload keycards with their raw card format data, Genea does highly recommend uploading keycards with system enabled card formats. If you utilize keycards and are unsure of the format, please reach out to Genea Support at for assistance identifying a keycard format. If the cards are proprietary and of a format other than 26-bit or 37-bit, Genea may have to reverse engineer the format in order to enable it for your system, though this process can take a little trial and testing.

How to Add A "No Format" Keycard

Uploading keycards with their raw card data is usually only recommended for a single or handful of cards, but with this feature you can add any keycard with an unknown format. To add such keycards, follow the steps below:

1) Scan the keycard at one of your property readers. Be sure you know the name of the give card reader, and the time at which you are scanning so that you can find the correct event within your system activity log.

2) Navigate to the 'Activity' tab within your Genea admin dashboard and find the specific 'Deny Access - Card/PIN Not Found' event associated with your card swipe. 

3. Click the 'Actions' option for the given event, then click 'Add card.' 

4. A box that reads 'Add Card' will open. Select the user to which the card will be assigned and enter the card number. This number should be printed on the card. 

If you need assistance identifying which number to input, please send a picture of the card with its number in full display to Genea Support can help identify the correct card number.

5. Press the 'Save' button to provision the keycard to the user. The keycard should appear within the user's profile. 

6) After provisioning the key, scan the keycard once more at of one your office readers to test it and to see if it successfully grants access. 

If you need any assistance or have any questions about this feature or card formats, please feel free to reach out to the Genea team at any time at

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