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Genea Access Control System Integration with Flash Parking System
Genea Access Control System Integration with Flash Parking System

Learn how to integrate your Genea Access Control System with Flash Parking

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Genea access control system integration with Flash Parking, a parking management system allows managing users and keys between Genea and your Flash Parking dashboard. The integration allows you to automate and sync user and cards data in real-time from Genea to Flash parking. This integration makes it easy to manage users and their cards in Genea and syncs the data in Flash Parking without requiring to manage the data separately in the Flash parking application.

Enable Genea ACS + Flash Parking on Genea:

1) Navigate to the 'Integrations' tab in Genea's Global Overview.

2) Go to the 'Parking Management' section, and click 'Install' under the Flash parking integration.

3) Click on "Add", enter the name of the integration ,and select the location.

4) On the detail page, edit and enter the security token and location ID of your Flash Parking account.

Configure the integration rules

Now that the integration setup is done, proceed to the Rules page to create the integration rules. Follow the below steps to create a rule:

1) Go to the "Rules" tab. Enter the name of the rule and click "Add".

Add user provisioning rule:

This step is really important since there must be a sync rule specified for the location for successful provisioning.

2) To add a sync rule, click on "Add" and select the access group. Any user-created/updated/deleted in Genea when assigned with the access group which is added to the sync rule below will get provisioned in the Flash Parking system.

Add optional entitlements:

3) The users who match the sync rule in Genea will get provisioned to Flash parking system with default attributes like Name, Email, Department, Employee ID, etc. However, if you wish to map additional entitlements to be assigned to users in Flash parking while syncing from Genea, then that can be done.

4) Click "Add" under the Entitlements section, select the desired mappings and save them.

Advanced provisioning rules

When multiple rules are added to an integration, each rule holds a priority in the list. You can drag these rules up or down to sets its execution priority. Rules are executed in order based on its priority, once one rule is matched and executed, rest of the rules will be skipped.

Sync users from Genea to Flash Parking

1) If your property has FP integration enabled, then Genea will sync users to FP in an event of the user creating, updating, or deleting. To sync a user from Genea to FP, create a user and assign the access group on which you have configured a sync rule.

2) The system will check for the matching rule and accordingly the user will get provisioned in Flash parking.

Flash parking dashboard

Sync users' cards from Genea to Flash Parking

1) Assign a card to the user In Genea and the same card will get synced in Flash parking. Please note:

a. Flash parking expects the card number with facility code in their system. Hence, if the user card is having a facility code, enter the code in the Genea portal so that when the card is synced in FP, it works properly there.

b. For the cards to work with Flash parking system, you will need to assign the required pool to the user profile. A pool can be assigned either manually in Flash parking or through Genea sync rule.

c. Enable the required card format in Genea as well as Flash Parking.

Resync the integration

When you make any changes to the integration rule or integration priority sequence and want to force resync all users from Genea to Flash Parking, the "resync" button can be used. The Resync function will force update all users from Genea to Flash parking.

If you have any questions about this feature or have any other requests, please reach out to

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