Approving Invoice Statements
Written by Genea Developer
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How do I approve Invoices and do I need to email you once I’m done?

  1. Approving Invoices is easier than ever.

    1. Hit Review Invoices after hovering on the property status

    2. Hit Preview to view the tenant statements

    3. Hit Approve Invoice if everything looks good and that’s it!!

  2. You do not need to email us to let us know that invoices are approved. The new Genea Portal will notify our team as soon as you hit Approve Invoice

  3. If you would like to place the approval process on “Auto-pilot”, just let our team know, and we will approve them on your behalf.

What happens to my accounting files?

Once invoices are approved, we will queue up your accounting file and make sure it is properly uploaded to your accounting and/or work order system, just like before. Billing Status will turn into Approved until we confirm that the accounting file has been processed. Once it has been successfully processed, our team will mark the billing cycle as Closed.

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