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How to Access Tenant Metering Statements
How to Access Tenant Metering Statements

For office managers

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Tenants (office managers and alike) can be given to the Genea Portal to view and download their own monthly metering statements. The Genea Metering process can be simplified to a diagram below:

Important to note here is that statements are available to tenants only after statements have been audited by the Genea billing team, and after the Property Team has approved the statements for distribution.

To access the statements, Tenant/Office Managers will need a user account created on the Gena platform. Please reach out to for help with creating user accounts.

An authorized Tenant Manager can access their metering statements by logging into

Once logged in, Tenant Manager will see the following screen:

  1. Navigate to Submeter Billing -> Tenant Invoices

  2. Choose the year for which you wish to see the statements

  3. Export the comma-separated value file for the year selected by clicking the "Export" button

  4. Click "Actions" to view or download a PDF of a tenant invoice pack. This invoice will contain the following:

    1. Tenant Summary Page

    1. Meter Detail Page for every meter in the space that the tenant occupies

Tenant Summary Page example:

Meter Detail Page example:

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