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How to edit a controller's web configurations?
How to edit a controller's web configurations?

Learn how to edit a controller's network settings and home note.

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Authorized personnel can remotely edit a controller's web configurations from the controller's details page. Click on the Hardware tab on the left hand side pane, and then click on the controller of your choice as shown below. Note that the steps detailed below were performed on a location level. The same workflow can be achieved in the Global Overview.

navigate to controller's details page

Updating the Network Settings

When in the controller's details page, Network Settings can be updated by first clicking on the Edit button as shown below.

Click the Edit button next to Network Details tab.

A modal will open up as shown below. Updates to the Network Settings are to be made here. Changes can be made to the IP Address, the Subnet Mask, the Default Gateway, the DNS Primary Address, along with method, dns type and hostname. Note that there are some conditions. For instance hostname cannot only be populated when method is "DHCP". Dns type cannot be "Dynamic" if method is "Static". Click Save after making the updates.

Clicking on Save will direct the personnel to a new modal as shown below. In this modal, the personnel has the choice to perform a soft reboot on the controller immediately after saving, or later on at will. Note that a soft reboot is required to reflect the changes made in the Network Settings on the controller. For instance, simply changing the IP address from to won't automatically move the controller to the new IP address. A soft reboot is required for that. Clicking on the Reboot Now will initiate a soft reboot. The workflow for a soft reboot is explained in this article. For this section, Reboot Later will be demonstrated.

After clicking on Save, the personnel will notice a tag at the top next the controller's name as shown below. This tag is indicative of changes having been made to the Network Settings with a pending soft reboot. As is visible from the image below, the tag has a cross (x) at the right end. Clicking this cross button will restore the Network Settings to the last stable state (in this case, the previous state). If clicked, the tag will disappear too.

Whenever the personnel is ready for the reboot, he/she may do so by clicking the More button at the top right corner of the page. Personnel can then follow the steps in this article to apply the network settings changes on the controller.

Updating the Home Note

Updating Home Note is a short process. When in the controller's details page, Home Note can be updated by first clicking on the Notes tab and then the Edit button as shown below.

A modal will open up as shown below. Updates to the Home Note are to be made here. Note that some characters ( < \ * & = % " / > ) are prohibited in the Home Note. After having made changes, click on Save.

With this, the Home Note gets updated.

Refreshing the Web Configurations

It is possible to re-sync the web configurations on our application with the values on the controller. This can be achieved by simply clicking the refresh button as shown below:

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