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How to Submit an HVAC Request in the Portal
How to Submit an HVAC Request in the Portal

This guide will walk you through how to submit a HVAC request.

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  1. Select Create and View New Requests under the Overtime HVAC Tab. Then, select the Area and click Create.

2. Fill out the request Start Date, Start Time, Duration of the request, Schedule Type, Mandatory Comment Box and click Save and Close.

  • One Time Request: A single request for one day.

  • Recurring Request: A request that you would like to repeat throughout multiple days.

    • If you choose to put in a recurring request, you will need to select the days of the week that you would like the request to be applied to each week, as well as an expiration date for this recurring request.

  • Mandatory Comment Box: This box should be used as a reference for when statements are generated to help you remember why the request was entered.

    • EX) Case Number or Client Name.

3. Once the request is submitted, you will see it pop up on the calendar view. If you click on it, you will see all the details of the request.

If you need to cancel your request entirely or partially, you can click Cancel Request.

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