How to create Arrival Frequency Report

Arrival Frequency Reports to observe the weekly office attendance and supporting better workspace management decisions

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To facilitate the monitoring of weekly office attendance and aid in making informed workspace management decisions, Genea introduces Arrival Frequency Reports.

These reports offer Administrative Users valuable insights into employee attendance patterns on a weekly basis. To generate a report, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Reports section.

  2. Click on 'Add New Report' and fill in the required details such as Name, Location, and Description.

  3. Select the 'Arrival Frequency Report' option.

  4. Click on the 'Save' button to finalize your selections.

After clicking 'Save,' users will be directed to the Report Details page. Here, they can review their configuration, preview records, and monitor scheduled generation activities.

Preview Records

Genea offers users the ability to preview a sample of the top 10 records from configured reports. Along with, Users can review Report details and, if necessary, make edits by clicking on the 'Edit' button, with the exception of the Report Type, which remains unmodifiable.

Users have the ability to preview the top 10 activity records, accompanied by chosen filters. Genea offers predefined options for current activity and the activity of the past three weeks, in addition to allowing users to select a custom week range. These selections can be further refined using user level status filters and comparisons of days spent in the office.

Records will be previewed based on the filters applied.

Generate Report

When the user clicks 'Generate Now,' the system will prompt with an informational alert, advising them to remain on the page until the record is configured. Within moments, the report will automatically download to the user's local directory.

Email Report

One of the convenient features allows users to email the Report URL to recipients' email addresses. Users can simply click on the 'Send Via Email' option, prompting a configuration modal, where they can enter the recipients' email addresses. Upon confirming 'Ok', the report URL will be sent to the specified email IDs. Users also have the flexibility to enter multiple email addresses simultaneously.

The recipient will receive an email resembling the sample displayed in the image below, containing a "Download Report" URL. Recipients can access and download the report directly from the provided URL within the email.

Please note that the download URL included in the email will expire after 7 days. Therefore, users are advised to download the reports before the expiration date to ensure timely access.

Schedule Report

Genea offers the added convenience of configuring scheduled report generation. This feature automates the delivery of reports to designated email recipients at specific times each day, week, or month. Users can effortlessly access these reports directly from their email inbox, eliminating the need to follow multiple steps to review the data.

Refer to the sample modal below to configure the parameters, and you're ready to receive the reports automatically via email at the defined intervals.

The schedule can be reviewed at any time, and users will have the flexibility to update or delete it whenever necessary.

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