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Controlling Your Request to Exit Settings
Controlling Your Request to Exit Settings

Learn how to customize your system's REX setting behavior.

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Request-to-Exit (REX) is a setting used to grant free exit, meaning the user will not need to use a credential to exit the property. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Your system REX ports will work in conjunction with your system motion sensors. These are different from Push-to-Exit buttons which are connected directly to the door for safety reasons.

REX Switch - Door Unlock Behavior

Access control systems have REX switches for each door. When this REX switch is activated, it suppresses the door force alarm and by default unlocks the doors for the pre-configured number seconds set by the system administrator. 

In many cases, a motion sensor device is mounted on top of the door and attached to the system's REX. When a person come close enough to the door while leaving the space, the sensor will automatically trigger the REX to unlock the door. 

In some cases you may want to control this default behavior. Perhaps you
don't want to unlock the door automatically but only suppress the door force alarm.  With Genea, you can do this! Follow the steps below to manually control and set your system's REX behavior:

1) Click on the 'Hardware' tab in your Genea admin dashboard. Find the door for which you would like to configure the REX behavior and click on the door name. 

2.  Go to the 'Request to Exit (REX)' section and click the 'Edit' button. 

3) Click the button next to 'Automatically Unlock Door on REX' option in order to turn enable this setting. When the button is blue in color, the setting is enabled. 

You can also adjust the seconds for your system's REX behavior. When the REX automatic door unlock behavior in enabled, it will keep the door unlocked for the specified number of seconds. When it's disabled, it establishes the time allowed between REX and a manual door open without causing a forced door alarm.

4) Press the 'Save' button to save the changes to your system. 

If you have any questions about REX behavior, please reach out to Genea Support at

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