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Apple Pay turns on when I use Genea. How can I fix this?
Apple Pay turns on when I use Genea. How can I fix this?

Apple Pay will not affect your ability to access your office or community.

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The Genea iOS mobile application presents users with two distinct options for obtaining access keys or passes:

  1. App-Based Key (Bluetooth Keys): These keys are utilized directly by the app to grant access. When you approach a reader, the app communicates with it using Bluetooth technology to provide access.

  2. Apple Wallet Pass: This option allows you to add access keys to your Apple Wallet. These keys are stored in your wallet, and when you approach a compatible reader, your device communicates with it using NFC (Near Field Communication) technology to provide access.

The specific issue you mentioned arises when the mobile application relies solely on App-Based keys. iPhones equipped with Apple Pay and NFC capabilities might automatically activate Apple Pay when near a reader. This behavior, while potentially slightly inconvenient, does not affect your ability to access your office or community. It's important to note that this behavior occurs because the reader's NFC technology triggers the device's Apple Pay feature.

Unfortunately, there is currently no permanent solution to prevent Apple Pay from opening in this scenario. However, you can implement a workaround to prevent the Apple Pay wallet from appearing when your phone is locked. This workaround might involve adjusting your device's settings or using certain features in a specific way. Detailed instructions for this workaround could be provided to users experiencing this issue.

In summary, while the automatic activation of Apple Pay might occur, it won't hinder your ability to access your designated areas using the Genea app. The workaround can help mitigate the occurrence of the Apple Pay wallet appearing when your phone is locked.

1. Open the "Settings" app on your iPhone.

2. Locate the option "Face ID & Passcode".

3. Authenticate with your face ID or passcode. Scroll down to the section "Allow Access When Locked" and turn "Wallet" to OFF.

The settings outlined above will effectively suppress the appearance of the Apple Pay pop-up and enable you to utilize the App-based key for access. For detailed guidance on utilizing the app-based keys, you can refer to the article provided. This resource will offer step-by-step instructions on how to effectively use the app-based keys to gain access.

On the other hand, if you possess the Apple Wallet pass, you will not encounter this issue. Apple prioritizes the Apple Wallet functionality, and when you approach a reader, the Genea pass is activated through the Apple Wallet. Consequently, you will observe the access process associated with Apple Wallet. This preference ensures a smoother experience, as the interaction with the reader is seamlessly facilitated through the familiar Apple Wallet mechanism. Please refer to this article on "How to add pass to wallet"?

If you have any questions and would like assistance with your Genea mobile key, please reach out to Genea Support at

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