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How do I use my Genea mobile key?
How do I use my Genea mobile key?

Learn how to unlock doors and gates with your Genea mobile key.

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There are four ways you can use your mobile key to unlock doors and gates at your property. 

Each access method may vary slightly depending on what type of mobile device you use. 

For more information on the Genea app for Android devices, click here.

Access Methods

Method 1: Tap to Unlock

Tap functionality works similarly to how an access card is used - by physically touching your mobile device to the reader. 

UNLOCK TIP: For greater Tap reliability, light up your phone screen. If using an Android device, hold the back side of your phone parallel to the reader. The front side of your phone will not work in all cases since the NFC chip is located on the backside of most devices.

Method 2: Twist & Go

Twist & Go functionality is only available on readers that have been configured to accept this unlock method. Reader configuration can be confirmed by your office or community administrator(s). To use the Twist & Go feature, twist your device within 6 feet / 2 meters from the reader. The motion is similar to turning a door knob.

Make sure you have 'Bluetooth' and 'Locations' enabled under your phone settings in order for the Genea app to work seamlessly. If using an Android device, also confirm that Twist & Go has been set to ON under the 'Settings' tab in your Genea app. If your device has an Oreo or older OS version, make sure your locating method/mode is set to 'High Accuracy' under your phone's location settings.

Why do I need to enable locations for my Genea app?

If locations are not enabled, the Genea app will be unable to connect and communicate with a reader in order to grant the user access.

IMPORTANT NOTE: In order to utilize Twist & Go without having to unlock your phone, the Genea app must be running in the background on your mobile device. Periodically a phone's Operating System may close down apps that are not being actively used, including the Genea app. Therefore from time to time, it may be necessary to re-launch the Genea App. 

Method 3: Floating Unlock Button 

Located in the bottom right-hand corner of the Genea mobile app is a round blue button with a key in its center. This button can be pressed when within proximity of a Genea-enabled reader in order to unlock a door or gate.

Method 4: Apple Watch

If you have an Apple Watch, you can use the Genea Apple Watch app in conjunction with your Genea iOS smartphone app. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: In order to utilize the Genea Apple Watch app, the Genea app must be running in the background on your smartphone. Periodically a phone's Operating System may close down apps that are not being actively used, including the Genea app. Therefore from time-to-time it may be necessary to re-launch the Genea App before you can use your Genea Apple Watch app. 

ACCESS TIP: When using your key for the first time or following a phone restart, we recommend opening the Genea app and using the Floating Unlock Button to unlock your property doors or gates. This method tends to be most reliable for a first-time user, as well as after a phone restart.

Method 5: Apple Wallet Pass :

The Genea app provides iPhone users with the option to add mobile keys to both their Apple Wallet on their phone and watch. If you do not see the "Add to Wallet" option on the home screen of the Genea mobile application, it's possible that your organization has not enabled the Apple Wallet feature for you. In such a case, please reach out to your administrator for assistance.

If you have already added the Apple Wallet key (pass) to your Apple Wallet on your phone or watch, you can easily unlock doors by bringing your phone or watch closer to the reader. This functionality remains effective even when your phone or watch is locked or has a low battery.

Moreover, there is an "Express Mode" setting within the Apple Wallet app. When enabled, this mode guarantees effortless access. With "Express Mode," you won't need to enter a passcode or use facial authentication to unlock doors, making it the most convenient way to gain access.

How to select Express Mode for Genea pass or key on your iPhone

  1. Open the Wallet app and select a card, pass, or key.

  2. Tap the More button then tap Card Details.

  3. Tap Express Travel Settings or Express Mode.

On your iPhone, open the Apple Watch app. In the My Watch tab, tap Wallet & Apple Pay. Then tap Express Travel Card, select a travel or payment card, and authenticate on your Apple Watch with your passcode.

Express mode

ACCESS TIP: Access to Apple Wallet passes is determined solely by your organization's subscription plan and the set access limits. It's also possible that certain door access has not been enabled for Apple Wallet by your organization, resulting in restricted access for you. For additional queries and assistance, you can refer to the following resource article.

If you have any questions about the Genea App, please reach out to Genea Support at

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