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How can visitors pre-register themselves?
How can visitors pre-register themselves?

This article will go into detail on how your visitors can complete the pre-registration process.

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Invited visitors can pre-register themselves from:

  • The desktop browser registration portal

  • The mobile browser registration portal

Pre-register via registration portal:

You can register from either a web browser or a mobile browser. For both cases, the steps remain the same.

1) When you get invited, you will get a pre-registration email from Genea. Click "Let's Get Started". It will redirect you to the registration portal.

2) Click on "Accept" to proceed.

3) Fill in the information and click "Confirm".

4) Log your answers to the questions coming on the screen and click "Next".

5) There may be an option to upload a photo, if so, follow the steps to either upload a photo or take a new one, click "Save".

6) There may be a legal document to sign, if so sign it and click "Sign the agreement".

7) Verify your details and click on "Confirm".

8) After you complete this process a QR will be generated and you can add it to your wallet or download it. This badge will be needed when you arrive at the host premises.

10) You can see the status of your visit any time by clicking on the "Lets' Get Started" button in the pre-registration email. Once, you have arrived at the visit location, you will also get an option to check out from your own device.

If you have any questions about this feature or have any other requests, please reach out to

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