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How can walk-in visitors register from an iPad?

With the Genea Visitor Management iPad app, you can collect visitor's information, notify employees once their guests arrive, and much more.

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If you have an iPad paired with your Genea Visitor Management System, walk-in visitors can check-in from the iPad Kiosk screen. The check-in registration steps are, as follows:

1) To begin the registration process, visitors will click "Check-in on iPad" at the iPad Kiosk.

2) Visitors will be prompted to fill in their information. After supplying all required details, they will click 'Proceed.'

3) Next, visitors will be required to answer any questions you've built into your sign-in flow, if applicable. After each question, the visitor will click "Proceed" to move onto the next screen.

5) If you require visitors to supply an identification photo, visitors will be prompted to supply their image after answering all sign-in questions. When signing in via the iPad Kiosk, visitors will only be able to take a selfie. Visitors will need to follow instructions on the iPad to take their selfies. Once they are happy with their image, they will click 'Save.'

6) If you require visitors to sign any documents, such as an NDA, they will next be prompted to sign any necessary documentation. They will sign using their finger on the iPad screen, then click "Sign the agreement" to complete the paperwork.

If the visitor refuses to sign the NDA and clicks 'Reject,' the registration process will immediately cease and the visitor will be unable to complete the check-in process.

7) Once the visitor successfully completes the registration process, their host will be notified of the visitor's check-in status.

If you have any questions about this feature or have any other requests, please reach out to Genea Support at

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