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Restrict users from pre-registering visitors
Restrict users from pre-registering visitors

Learn how to restrict certain users from creating invites

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If your property has opted for Genea's Visitor Management System, then by default, all users of the location can invite their guests. However, there may be certain users that you would like to restrict from inviting visitors by themselves. Let say, you do not want the interns to be allowed to invite any guests until they get permanent, ensure that those users are in an access group and those groups can be added under visitor pre-registration restrictions.

Follow the steps below to enable visitor pre-registration restrictions:

1. Navigate to Visitor Management > Security from your admin dashboard.


2. Under "Visitor Screening > Restrict users from creating invites", click "Enable".

3. Under "Restrict users from creating invites", add the access groups that you want to restrict from creating invites for the visitors.

1. Users belonging to the restricted access group will not have the ability to create, edit or delete any invites.

2. Admins and Sub-admins can create an invite on behalf of a user in a restricted access group. Users can see the invite and its status from their Genea mobile app.

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