Touchless Check-In for Walk-In Visitors

Allow your walk-in visitors to register by scanning a registration QR code from their own device.

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While walk-in visitors have the option to check-in manually via an iPad Kiosk (if enabled) upon arrival at a property, the Genea Visitor Management platform also offers a touchless check-in option as well. Instead of having to touch a community iPad, visitors can register by scanning a QR code displayed on the iPad Kiosk, or a printed QR code on display within the lobby or at the front desk.

An admin at your property can generate the QR code from the Genea admin dashboard in order to enable touchless registration for walk-in visitors. If you have an iPad paired with your Genea Visitor Management System, then the generated QR code from the dashboard will automatically be rendered on your Kiosk screen.

If you do not utilize an iPad at your property, you can also print the QR code and put it on display within your office or building lobby.

In both cases, your visitors can scan the QR code with their mobile device camera in order to proceed with touchless registration, allowing them to check-in safely and securely via their Android or Apple smartphone.

Visitors will be taken through the following steps during the registration process.

1) Visitors will scan the registration QR code from their mobile device by opening their smartphone's camera. They will then need to click on the link that appears after hovering their camera over the QR code for a few moments.

2) Clicking on the link will redirect the visitor to the Visitor Management registration portal, where the visitor will be asked to enter their email address and host's name.

3) Next, the visitor will be prompted to fill in the information you've required per your system's Check-In Flow configurations, and click 'Confirm.'

4) Visitors will next be required to answer any questions you've configured within your system's Check-In Flow configuration. Once all questions are answered, they will click 'Next' to proceed to the next screen.

Depending upon your Check-In Flow, if visitors answer any questions that disqualify them from completing registration, the check-in process will immediately cease and the visitor will be unable to successfully check-in. If this occurs, they will be advised to reach out to their host for further assistance.

5) You may also enable the option to require visitors to provide an identification phone. If this feature is enabled, visitors will next be required to provide a photo or take a selfie. Once they provide the image, they will click 'Save' to proceed to the next step of registration.

6) If you require visitors to sign any documents, such as an NDA, they will next be prompted to sign any necessary documentation. They will sign using their finger on their smartphone screen, then click "Sign the agreement" to complete the paperwork.

If the visitor refuses to sign the NDA and clicks 'Reject,' the registration process will immediately cease and the visitor will be unable to complete the check-in process.

7) Once the visitor completes the check-in process, a visitor badge will be generated that they can add to their smartphone wallet. Additionally, their host will be notified when their visitor has checked in.

If you have any questions about this feature or you would like to learn more about Genea Visitor Management, please reach out to the Genea Support team at

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