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With Genea VMS, you can automatically notify your employees via email and push messages about their visitor's invited statuses.

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The moment your visitors register their arrival, you’ll be notified by email and push message to your mobile app. This puts an end to reception staff having to phone you – and saves them time and frustration if you’re not at your desk.

Wherever you are in the building – or even if you’re not in the building – you’ll know your visitor has arrived so you’ll be able to meet them promptly and professionally.

Everybody saves time and becomes more efficient.

Other than visitor arrival notification, you will also get other notifications such as when your visitor gets denied or when they decline your invitation.

Notification methods:

At present, Genea VMS supports two methods of notifications for hosts:

  • Email notifications

  • Genea Mobile push notifications

Below is the list of notifications available for the host about their guests' visit statuses:

1) Notification when a visitor arrives :

  • For pre-registered visitors having QR code for door access, this notification will be sent to the host when the visitor arrives at your premises and gets his first grant with the issued QR code.

  • For pre-registered visitors without having a QR code for door access, this notification will be received by the host, when the visitor arrives and someone from the admin or sub-admin roles mark that visitor "Arrived" in the admin dashboard. Learn more about visit status transitions here.

  • For walk-in visitors, this notification will be received when the visitor completes the check-in process.

2) Notification when a visitor is denied:

The host will be notified if their visitor is denied from checking-in. A visitor can be denied when he doesn't meet the criteria defined by the admins in the check-in flow. One simplest reason for visitors getting denied will be when his response to check-in questions leads to deny his visit.

3) Notification when a visitor has declined your visit:

As a host, you will get a notification, if your guest declines your visit invitation.

4) Notification when a visitor has declined to sign any mandatory document:

If you have defined in the check-in flow, a legal document to be signed by your visitors while registering, and if the visitor refuses to sign the document and rejects it, then as per the criteria, the visit will be considered as being declined by the visitor and will get canceled. Under such a case, the hosts will be notified with the declined status of the visit of their visitors.

Note: The document declined notification will be generated when you don't allow your visitors to decline the document, but still they refuse to sign it. This setting is authorized by admins in the check-in flow. For learning more about documents in check-in flow, please refer to this article.

5) Notification when admins or sub-admins cancels your invites.

When you are a host for an invite and due to some reasons if any other authorized role personnel (admins or sub-admins) cancels your visit. Then as a host, you will be notified about the canceled visit status.

If you have any questions about this feature or have any other requests, please reach out to

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