When you enable a check-in registration flow for your workplace and employees begin registering before visiting the office, this data will be stored under the 'Reservations' tab within your Genea admin dashboard.

All system admins and sub-admins will have the ability to review 'Reservation' data within the dashboard.

To review registrants, navigate to 'Reservations' under the 'Safe Workplace' tab within your admin dashboard. This menu will list the reservations and user statuses.

Understanding the Dashboard

The dashboard will list data for every registrant who undergoes the Check-In Registration flow, whether they successfully pass the questionnaire or are denied access.

Name: This column will list the employee's names.

Status: This column indicates the current status of registration. You will be able to see if a given user is approved, denied, or has requested property access.

Request Notes: Admins will be able to view any Request Notes submitted by a user. Hovering the mouse over the note icon will display the user notes.

Check In: This column will list the check-in date and time of a user's registration. Based upon the check-in window set by admin, this date can be either 'Day Of' or the 'Day Before' the reservation date.

Reserved For: This column will display the date of the visit of the reservation.

Arrived At: This column will display the time at which the user makes his or her 1st credential swipe at the property on the reserved date.

Check Out: This column will display the time at which the users leave the property after they select 'Check Out' within their Genea Mobile Access apps, or when all users are automatically checked out by the system at midnight each day.

Questions: This column displays all the responses logged by users during the registration questionnaire, as defined under the Safe Workplace Check-In Flow.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Genea will store the responses of users only if it set to 'ON' under 'Safe Workplace' > 'Settings' > 'Check-in Flow.' If the flag "Save user responses to the check-in questions" under check-in flow is 'OFF,' Genea will not store any data and this column will be left empty.

Actions: When the user requests access, an admin can manually 'Grant Access' with the option available under this column.

Quick Filters: Quick filters can be used to filter reservations based upon Reserved

Dates. Quick filters are currently able to filter reservations for "Today" and "Tomorrow."

Advanced Filters: You may use additional criteria to filter the reservation list.

'+ Add': For emergencies, administrators can grant daily access to users before they submit an access request.

1. Admins, User Managers, and Security admins can add a reservation for any user by clicking on '+ Add' button on the reservations dashboard.
NOTE: Front Desk admins do not have the ability to use this function.

2. Select the employee name to whom the access is to be granted for the day. Select date, then click 'Save.'

Export: For exporting reservation data, click 'Export.' The report will download to your local system drive in a .csv format.

If you would like to learn more about Genea's Safe Workplace feature, please send inquiries to acsupport@getgenea.com.

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