Custom SMTP Settings

Learn how to customize your SMTP settings so that the notification emails come from an email address of your choice.

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By default, all email notifications that are sent to the users come from Genea's email server. With the custom SMTP settings, you allow the system to send emails through your own email server, which means that it will look like it came from you.

Configuring Your Own SMTP Settings:

1. Navigate to the 'Integrations' tab in your admin dashboard.

2. Locate SMTP and click "Install".

3. Enter your SMTP server credentials and click on "Send Test Email". The system attempts to send a simple message to the logged-in admin email address and reports the status of the interactions with the email server.

If you have successfully set up your SMTP server, a test email will automatically send to the email address with which you are logged in to the Genea application. If the test fails, verify the details you entered for SMTP configuration.

SMTP Information:

Host: The actual SMTP server’s specification.

Port: SMTP server port number.

TLS: Connection security

Username: SMTP account username

Password: SMTP account password

Sender Email: The email address you would like to appear in the From field of email notifications.

Sender Name: Sender info that you would like to appear next to the email address.

4. Click Save. Once the STMP server has been set up, all email notifications that will reach the users will go through your email account.

Email received with custom SMTP server address:

If you have any questions about this integration or have any feature requests, please reach out to

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